Commedia dell’Arte

and its relevance to Opera

Comedic archetypes are everywhere! They go

through times, places, and artforms.

Here is a look at how they took control of Opera.

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In Search of a Character


Find your character

     by connecting to the music,

          to create an emotional,

               dramatic performance,

                    that  captures the audience!


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             An Introduction to Opera                        (OCHSA - Orange County High School of the Arts)

              Commedia dell’Arte and Opera             (UCLA, UCSB, CSULA, Israeli Opera Young Artist Program

              Lecture on the emergence of similarities in directing opera and film

           with particular emphasis on the growing use of film direction techniques on the opera stage,

           and conversely, the methodsemployed to adapt opera to the cinematic screen

                                                                                                                 (Salzburg Festival 1999)

              Pre-performance lecture on “Little Women” (Mark Adamo)     (Opera Pacific 2001)    

              Pre-performance lecture on “La Navarraise” (Massenet) and “The Bear” (Walton)

                                                                                                                             (Yale Opera 2009)

              Pre-performance lecture on “Le Nozze di Figaro” (Mozart)          (Yale Opera 2010)


Digging into the

Do you want to present a truly in-depth character?

There is a treasure of beautiful information in the orchestra score!

Lecture; overhead projector & Audio/Video samples

Excel in Recitative Delivery

Singers dread them, conductors are often bored by them, and yet, they drive the story and are the foundation of every aria.

How to make recitatives a singer's best friend!

Presentation;  overhead projector, Audio & Video images

Orchestra Score !